Welcome to “Navajeevana Knowledge Centre for Disability Inclusive Development”.
Sensitizing and developing capacities of service providers in all sectors of development in the country and around the world is what this knowledge centre is setting out to do. With Navajeevana’s celebrating its 30 years of caring and sharing, we are ready to share our  valuable knowledge gained through working with persons with disabilities in the southern and eastern villages of Sri Lanka,   by providing learning opportunities in disability inclusive development aspects to people of all ages and disciplines around the world. Acceptance of our Rights Based Approach to  Community Based Rehabilitation is indicated by long standing relationship with National and Provincial Departments of Social Services and Empowerment, other government and non-government stakeholders as well as rehabilitated persons with disability and their families, Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) covering all types of disabilities.

Navajeevana has been the undisputed leader in providing holistic rehabilitation services for about three decades, engaged in improving the quality of life of approximately 35,000 persons with disabilities.  Navajeevana adapts the strategy of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) in providing rehabilitation services including outreach therapeutic interventions, special education & early childhood care development, community mental health care, livelihood development, in collaboration with government and non-government officials and institutions with the view to prevent further disabilities. Navjeevana provides para-medical services include physiotherapy, speech & language therapy, audiometric services, production of prosthetic & orthotic devices, providing custom made supportive seating & wheelchairs. Children with special needs are groomed to enter mainstream education, livelihood training for economic independence, leadership trainings, awareness and prevention of disability and counseling are the activities carried on by a team of trainers. All programmes are based on a Rights Based and Inclusive approach to keep in line with UN Convention of Rights of Persons with Disability. Through the CBR programme Navajeevana has been very successful in reaching the unreached. Navajeevana’s interventions have contributed to many developments in the disability sector in the Southern and Eastern villages of Sri Lanka.

A pinch of what we have achieved!

“When I lost my foot after an accident, I was helpless. People said I could get and artificial limb. But the available limbs were very expensive and we couldn’t afford to purchase it. When we approached Navajeevana, they fabricated an artificial limb for free after assessing the recommendations and my economic status. They taught me how to walk with it, and now it is a part of my body. Thanks to them and their donors, I am again earning for my family”  

  • Centre-based and outreach Multi-disciplinary Clinics with physical medicine and assistive technology services, tailored to the special needs of persons with disability
  • Volunteer training on Community Based Rehabilitation covering a range of aspects starting from conducting field surveys to facilitation of community action in support of persons with disability and their families
  • Teacher training program on Disability-inclusion facilitating the inclusion of children with disability into the Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) centers
  • Disability Inclusive Livelihood Development Action Committees in the southern and eastern provinces formed of 20 DPOs and 50 service providing institutions in the economic development sector, to share the knowledge, resources
  • DPO-managed SWABHIMANI Livelihood Support Fund opening avenues for persons with disability to strengthen their existing livelihoods as well as start-up ventures
  • Internships/volunteer placement practice in collaboration with national and
    international universities and institutions, e.g. University of British Columbia, Developing World Connections – Canada, University of Colombo, Kotelawala Defense Academy, National Apprenticeship and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA). Read our policy on internships @ NJ POLICY ON INTERNSHIPS 2016
  • A network of field-based trainers comprising persons with disability (life-story based interactive training); community leaders/volunteers (good practices to disability inclusion) ready accommodate trainees to gain hands-on-experience under a range of subjects.

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