Field operations

Navajeevana has been the undisputed leader in providing holistic rehabilitation services for about three decades, engaged in improving the quality of life of approximately 35,000 persons with disabilities.  Navajeevana adapts the strategy of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) in providing rehabilitation services including outreach therapeutic interventions, special education & early childhood care development, community mental health care, livelihood development, in collaboration with government and non-government officials and institutions with the view to prevent further disabilities. All programmes are based on a Rights Based and Inclusive approach to keep in line with UN Convention of Rights of Persons with Disability. Completing its 30th year of Caring and Sharing, Navajeevana’s interventions has contributed to many developments in the disability sector especially in the South.

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Presently Navajeevana field operations team work directly in 09 DS division in the South and through 20 Disabled People’s Organisations and civil society organisations in Matara, Hambantota, Ampara and Batticaloa districts, joining hands with Commissioners and Directors of Provincial Departments of Social Services, District Social Service Officers and Social Development Assistants of the Central Department of Social Welfare and Empowerment, Divisional Secretaries, and other government and non-government service providers in the sectors of health, education, economic development and disability through

  • Comprehensive training on CBR to strengthen community leaders to rehabilitate persons with disability in their community
  • Sensitizing the society on the need for disability inclusion and their rights, covering a varied audiences including persons with disability, their family members, non-disabled children and youth, parents of non-disabled children and youth, professionals in the sectors of health & rehabilitation, education and economic development and policy makers and administrators.
  • Institutional strengthening programmes tailored to the organisational requirements, e.g. Interactive Training on disability inclusion using Persons with Disability as resource persons; educational tours on Community Based Rehabilitation; Workshops on expenditure Management as a tool to life planning; Entrepreneurship Development; Experiencing disability, etc.
  • Strengthening Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) on good governance practices, managing micro-credit programmes, advocacy campaigns, connecting them to resource institutions. These programmes are designed based on the training needs assessments conducted at DPO level and through CBR surveys, livelihood assessment surveys and Poverty Assessments following the Progress out of Poverty Index.
  • Provincial and district action committees on Disability Inclusive Economic Development, for assist rehabilitated persons with disability to join the country’s economic development process as employees, self-employees or enterprise owners.

Field operations team is the bridge that connects Service Providers (including Navajeevana) with the DPOs, for the betterment of persons with disability and their families.

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