Every donation makes a difference, regardless of SIZE!

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, a carer of a child with disability receiving a grant to improve her livelihood

“What started as a compassionate act in my front verandah in Tangalla with three volunteers has now grown into an organization with 52 staff members and 163 active volunteers who have expanded its outreach to serve in the war-affected Eastern Province of the country as well. To achieve the goal of social inclusion we provide a holistic service from early identification and individually planned rehabilitation process to support persons with disabilities for education and livelihood development.  The uniqueness of our program is that we work with caregivers, the community and organizations of people with disabilities that are formed in respective villages.

Your generosity will make a change in every person with disability in our community by allowing us to continue our work. We hope that you are encouraged to join us on our mission of rehabilitation and integration and would like to thank you for your kind consideration.”

Kumarini Wickramasuriya, Founder/Chairperson

Inika, displaying the  artwork that she designed for the launching ceremony of the Swabhimani Revolving Fund which was administered through 30 DPOs. It was an intervention planned under a USAID funded project: Strengthening persons with disability in the eastern and southern provinces of Sri Lanka (2013 – 2016) serving more than 8000 persons with disability in collaboration with DPOs, government and non-government organisations in the sectors of Health, Education and Economic Development. The key partners of the project were DEAFLINK (Ampara), LEADS (Trincomalee) and Ladder of Hope (Batticaloa)


Support Navajeevana on a celebratory occasion like a birthday or anniversary on in memory of  a loved one

  • A multi-disciplinary mobile clinic in the South costs US$100
  • A multi-disciplinary mobile clinic in the East costs US$150
  • A new prosthetic limb for an adult costs US$350 (A list of P & O devices required by clients who cannot afford to cover costs is available on request

If you are interested in supporting us continue our operations Please CONTACT US.


Make use of our expansive training centre for your events and studies

  • Training centre facility is available for Sri Lankan organisations for a reasonable rate. 
  • Three week global placement programme covering centre-based and community based rehabilitation aspects for Physiotherapy students for a Registration Fee of  US$300/- only. 
  • Following training packages are available for those interested in Disability Inclusion conducted by Navajeevana Resource Team with DPO leaders and entrepreneurs with disability:
    • Disability inclusion in ECCD (12-day in-service training with teaching practice sessions)
    • Training on CBR for volunteers and disability sector field officers (12 day in-service training with practical assignments in the community)
    • Training persons with disability and family members on managing family expenditure as a preparatory measure to running an enterprise venture (3 days)
    • Review based business planning workshops for persons with disability and youth (3 days)
    • Problem analysis and life planning workshops for vulnerable groups including persons with disability and carers (2 days)
    • Entrepreneurship development workshops for youth including persons with disability not engaged in employment or self-employment (1 day)
    • Training on correct usage of assistive devices for Social Service Officers and Social Development Assistants (3 days)
    • Interactive training  for livelihood/business development practitioners on Disability Inclusion (5 days)

We do design programmes tailored to the clients needs. Please CONTACT US



Choose from a list of activities to support

  • A session of physiotherapy at the centre for one client costs US$10
  • A session of speech & language therapy at the centre for an adult costs US$10
  • One month’s education for a child at one of Navajeevana’s special schools costs US$50
  • Navajeevana costs US$550 per day to run the operations at the Centre and in the community
    • Professional staff cost per day to provide Education, Rehabilitation Therapy and Assistive Technology Services is US$200
    • Field staff cost per day of facilitating the CBR programme  is US$200
    • Support staff cost per day to run the operations is USD150

We are prepared to accommodate your preferences. Please CONTACT US 


Our supporters go to incredible lengths to help raise money for Navajeevana projects. You can get involved too!


A gift in your Will can transform the lives of persons with disability and their families.


“In 2001 I was a disabled person when I met Miss. Monica from Navajeevana who asked me to join them. In the very first programme I participated in I was asked to address the crowd.  I think it must be because I did very well in debating at school.  From that day on wards I was focused on sharing my experience with others so that they too can progress. We formed a group of people with disabilities who were rehabilitated.  When our group visited the families they feel a sense of mental relief.  In 2006 I was trained to work as a volunteer.  This was yet another step forward for me.  I learnt how to work with people with different kinds of disabilities, how to rehabilitate them and to bring them back into society. Today, I am a member of the Southern Province Youth Parliament. I am also a qualified Language Trainer (Tamil) registered for training Government Servants. 

Once I was going to the Navajeevana programme by bus, I noticed that 11 buses did not stop for me because of my crutches.  Then I hid my crutches and held out my arm to stop the bus.  And it worked.  But when I was climbing on to the bus I was verbally abused by the conductor. I was so hurt that day that I cried out angrily and asked them whether public transport was not meant for the disabled.  Since then I find that the conductor has changed, he accommodates people with disabilities in the bus.  Just like that we can change people’s perceptions by working together as a group. In 2016, our organisation – Nava Sahana Swashakthi Disabled People Organisation was awarded the Best DPO in the county by the Department of Social Welfare and Empowerment, Sri Lanka.”

– M. A. Yaeesh,  Dickwella

Yaeesh, the President of Nava Sahana Swashakthi Disabled People’s Organisation co-facilitating with the Programme Director of Navajeevana, the livelihood preparatory workshop for the persons with disability and carers selected for the Southern Provincial Self-employment grant scheme of Department of Social Welfare and Empowerment.


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