Navajeevana Rehabilitation – Tangalla has a bottom-top approach with consultative practices to decision making. Divisional level operations of Navajeevana are done through Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) that have been strengthened by Navajeevana and other government and non-government service providers to operate as independent organisations.

NJ organogram

The Board of Directors

Navajeevana Rehabilitation – Tangalla has an active Board comprising experts in the fields of Finance & Administration, Social Marketing & Communications, Development research, Livelihood Development, Disability, Mental Health and Human Rights. The present Board of Directors are:

  • Ms. Kumarini Wickramsuriya, Founder/Chairperson
  • Mr. Ranjith Jayantha
  • Mr. Suresh de Mel
  • Ms. Nirmi Vitharana  
  • Ms. Manoja Wickramasuriya
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Padmani Mendis (Consultant)
  • Ms. Dharini de Mel (Consultant)


Senior management team

Navajeevana’s senior management team is represented by Director – Finance & Administration and Director – Programmes, who are responsible to, and reporting to the Board of Directors. Under these two Directors are the Heads of programme units: Field Operations; Rehabilitation Therapy; Assistive Technology; Education and Social Marketing. The two Directors conduct Management Meetings with the Heads of Units on monthly basis, while participate at the Board Meetings by invitation.

Second tier management team

Navajeevana’s second tier management team is the backbone of the organisation, who bridges the community with services and carries the torch of Navajeevana vision. This team comprises  head of five units: Field Operations, Inclusive Education, Rehabilitation Therapy, Assistive Technology Services,  Finance & Administration. The unit heads are responsible for facilitation of service delivery to Navajeevana clientele and hold monthly management meetings with the Programme Director where their views and recommendations for making operations effective and efficient are discussed and tabled at the Board Meetings.

Disable people’s organisations

img_2703-copyNavajeevana has a practice of consulting persons with disability in designing, implementing and reviewing processes encouraging them to be active partners in the disability inclusive development practices. This is done through independent, legally registered Disable People’s Organisations (DPOs) that are further strengthened to take the coordinating and advocating role to ensure that their basic needs are addressed and basic rights are protected.

Action committees for disability inclusion in development

img_2788-copyNavajeevana promotes action committees for disability inclusion in social and economic development. These action committees are formed of policy administrators, service providers, disability advocates and social service officers. They contribute their expertise through collaborative ventures in serving the persons with disability, designing and trying out disability-friendly projects while participating in the capacity building programmes conducted by Navajeevana on disability inclusion.