Navajeevana Rehabilitation – Tangalla was established in 1987 under the leadership of Mrs.Kumarini Wickramasuirya (currently the Chairperson) supported by Ms. Babara Peterson, a CBM co-worker who was at the time serving at Deaf and Blind School in Polonmaruwa,Tangalla. From  very humble beginnings of a home based rehabilitation programme for 15 children with disability implemented through 03 community volunteers, in Tangalla and Beliatta Divisions of the Hambantota District, Navajeevana  grew to be the only service  provider for the rehabilitation of persons with disability  in southern Sri Lanka for many years.


“People with disability as equal participating members in a non-discriminating society”


“To promote inclusive development by enabling and empowering persons with disability to demonstrate their abilities and organize for self-advocacy, through consultative community-based interventions, and to prevent disabilities by facilitating community action through education.”

Navajeevana Knowledge Centre for Disability Inclusion located at 320, Mahawela Road, Tangalla, Sri Lanka.


Equality – We believe every person is valuable and should have the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Rights – We respect the rights of people with disability with special emphasis on women, children and the elderly, and promote their right to access, inclusion, education and health.

Community – We value the important role that local communities play. Our holistic approach supports individuals, families and communities through networking, education and strengthening Disable People’s Organizations (DPOs).

Care and social responsibility – We seek to foster a caring and socially responsible society by working with volunteers and promoting disability inclusive economic development.


  • INSTITUTIONAL STRENGTHENING at all levels to ensure persons with disability participate in the development process
  • THERAPEUTIC INTERVENTIONS to help persons with disability to develop their abilities
  • DISABILITY – INCLUSIVE EDUCATION to make children/young adults to enter mainstream education
  • DISABILITY-INCLUSIVE LIVELIHOOD DEVELOPMENT to build capacity of persons with disability and their family members in income generation (self-employment/ open employment) and expenditure management
  • ACTION-BASED ADVOCACY to ensure the rights of persons with disability are respected and their needs are addressed
  • SOCIAL MARKETING to strengthen Navajeevana’s capacity to educate and facilitate the process of rehabilitation and empowerment of persons with disability

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