Navajeevana celebrating her 30 years of caring and sharing,  is now ready to provide learning opportunities in disability inclusive development aspects. Our knowledge and experience gained through community based rehabilitation interventions with eastern and southern communities is now shared globally.


“Navajeevana Rehabilitation is a one stop shop for rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. We continue to sow the seeds of knowledge through extensive training programs from grassroots to government provincial departments because we are firm believers that knowledge leads to confidence and better service delivery. Knowledge is our wealth at Navajeevana   – we share generously to make a positive impact on the lives of persons with disabilities. We will continue to roll out the path of disability inclusive development through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) in line with the larger government development framework and plans. Navajeevana does not stand alone in facilitating a better quality of life for persons with disability. We complement and collaborate not only with the government but also with other organizations  to multiply the positive impact of our work.” – Kumarini Wickramasuriya, Founder/Chairperson


“The three weeks I spent at Navajeenva Rehabilitation Centre in Tangalle, Sri Lanka were unforgettable. I completed a global elective placement while undertaking a Doctor of Physiotherapy Degree from the University of Melbourne in Australia. I quickly felt comfortable despite the new culture and working environment. The transition was easy in large part due to the immense support provided by Mr. Geeth and the rest of the Navajeenva team. The clinic provides support and services to a wide array of people with a variety of conditions and disabilities- from fitting and manufacturing prosthetics for amputees to treating stroke patients, and young children with developmental disabilities. I felt challenged and excited to show up each and every morning. I highly recommend Navajeenva if you are planning on undertaking a global placement.” 
– Christopher Tierney [ctierney@student.unimelb.edu.au]

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